Pink Ribbon High Tea

Every day, nine people are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand. Pink Ribbon Breakfasts are held every May to raise money for vital research.

The Breast Cancer Foundation began the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign to as a way for people around the country to fundraise and raise awareness.

Last year over 3,600 kiwis hosted a pink ribbon breakfast, and collectively raised more than 1.8 million dollars, which goes to breast cancer research and support.

This is a cause that is close to home for many of us.

This year my flatmate Michelle is holding a Pink Ribbon High Tea. She and another friend have started a fundraising page under the name of Hardy Kids Early Learning Centre, where they work, and Rebel Girl Reads, our bookclub.

This is one of those many times where we say “Every bit helps.” I don’t have much in the way of resources to offer, but I hope to assist by spreading the message.

From the Breast Cancer Foundation: “We fund New Zealand-based research projects to develop new drugs and find better ways to use existing treatments. To date, driven by generous donations, we’ve been able to distribute well over $4.6 million for breast cancer research and medical grants.”

You can visit the hardykidselcrebelgirlreadshostpage to donate.