Fecal Transplants – yeah, it’s a thing

This week I wrote a piece The Wireless about the science – and experience – of fecal transplants.

As I’ve said in the story: it’s kind of amazing the things you can get your head around when you’ve been ill for a long time.

I remember when my doctor first brought up the idea, and my brain baulked. I remember the moments before getting the first one, where I felt like I was going to pass out. I remember coming home and trying very very hard not to think about the reality of what I’d done.

Now, though? It doesn’t actually seem weird to me at all.

Having researched all the science behind the procedure, and our increasing understanding of the importance of our microbiome to good health – it just plain seems like a good idea. Especially in my situation, where my gut has been proven to be unhealthy. Why wouldn’t I do whatever it takes to try to restore it?

I knew I’d want to write about this, so I kept notes through getting the four transplants, which started towards the end of last year. I wanted to talk about the science, which I think is fascinating. I wanted to let people know that this is a medical procedure that happens, and is getting more and more attention, and will hopefully become more widely available. And I wanted to make people laugh, because honestly, I think the whole thing is kind of hilarious. I’m not downplaying it’s importance. I just think it’s good to laugh about it. It helps me.

And besides. When else am I going to get to write about butt plugs in a news story?

So, many thanks to The Wireless for running with this!

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