On having a boyfriend who writes poetry too

I’ve started narcissistically seeing


in everything you do

maybe just my





It’s become almost impossible

for us to write things that aren’t somehow

about each other, or for each other, or just about me because

I’m always wondering

what you might read

when you read that particular turn of phrase


I used to

look in the mirror and see me

so familiar I am reduced to

the nouns of hair and eyes and nose and mouth

Now I look and see

what you might write about my face


I am raw material

the face, the lips, the words,

I think about them before I say them

about how you might edit them

and put them back in my mouth


So I guess you could say

that it’s some sort of muse thing

or maybe it’s some sort of sneaky thing

where I am stealthily slipping words from your pocket

before you get a chance to

write them


or maybe you could say


it’s co-authorship

and we both write this,

life, our

collaborative work



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