Key bone and cats

I was reading some more of the short story/poetry book B gave me last night; New Zealand writers on cats. Some of the poems are totally beautiful, I especially like Emma Neale’s – I must buy a copy of Spark (her poetry collection). Most of the stories made me feel sad though, ending as they do with the inevitable death of the feline companion. It reminds of me of the devastation I felt when Cleo died and I have to try hard not to scoop Carina up and hug her til she pops.

I’m at B’s Aunt’s place in Raumati for the weekend. It’s a literary household and Gill runs the poetry cafe in Raumati South every fourth Sunday. That’s where we’re going this afternoon. I’m thinking about getting up and reading but my courage may fail me yet.

I’ve finally finished Key Bone – my short story for school. I clocked 3200 words, thank god (it has to be 3000 minimum). On to the next assignment I guess.

Written four new poems this weekend, three of which are unsuitable for public consumption just yet. The fourth is here.

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