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An archive of my Nelson Mail columns

‘Of romance, porn and feminist values.’  Romance novels and why Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t one of them.

SPCA plays vital role.’ Why the SPCA is so important.

‘Tramping through our own backyard.’ Reminiscing about family road trips

‘Myths of modern medicine.’ I look at at things I’ve had to ‘unlearn’ since I got ill.

‘Sexual offences always offensive.’ The diminishing funding for women’s support services.

‘A shot in the arm for health’s sake.’ My stance on vaccinations.

‘The truth is, we all lie sometimes’ – I challenged myself to tell only the truth for a week.

‘Women still face tough job to break the glass ceiling.’ International Women’s Day – how far we have to go.

‘TPPA threatens PHARMAC’s rights.’ On how the TPPA might effect provision of medication in NZ.

‘Making the CBD streets feel safer.‘ About safety in Nelson.

‘Scary times behind the wheel.’ Why I’m struggling to learn to drive.

‘Articulating the experience of endless pain.’ A review of Stephanie de Montalk’s ‘How Does It Hurt?’

‘Much ado about doing nothing.‘ How do we learn to sit still?

‘Thank you for filling my glass with kindness.’ A note of thanks to everyone who continues to support me.

‘Abused mum and kids need more havens.’ Domestic violence and how the lack of accommodation in NZ contributes.

‘Writers have lives, not careers.’ Why does anyone try to make it as a writer?

‘Protest groups forming new face of the internet.’ Online activism – what does it really achieve?

‘Another encounter with the beast.’ Modern medicine and craft beer.

‘Risky business; leather and lies.’ A look at what I’d do if I weren’t a writer.

‘Each vote counts in every election.’ Election leadup.

‘The end of the Kiwi dream.’ Is New Zealand becoming a rental society?

‘Hard thinking in the polling booth.’ Examining the health policies and promises of our political parties in the leadup to the election.

‘Current Status: Feeling Disconnected.’ Musings on The Internet. (6 August)

‘My illness finally has a face.’ My diagnosis of arthritis. (23 July)

‘Time for a fresh face for Nelson.’ Women in politics, particularly in Nelson. (9 July)

‘Safety at risk, new rules needed.’ Tattoo regulation in Nelson. (25 June)

‘I’m a feminist and it’s not fun. It is what it says on the box! (11 June)

‘Confessions of a snack addict.’ About my allergies to pretty much everything. (28 May)

‘The bug that changed my life.’ About my illness. (14 May)

‘Don’t imagine there isn’t a cost.’  – About being an outspoken woman online. (3 May)


Some previous stuff about, or by, me

Here are my columns for the Nelson Mail.

Down Under Feminists Carnival – September

‘Women of (social media) influence’ – Stuff Business 1 July

‘Battling WINZ for benefits’ – The Wireless 13 May

‘Activist target of dole jetsetters data’ – Nelson Mail 11 April

Editorial – Right call to expose Work and Income – Nelson Mail editorial 26 March

‘Bennett’s reaction is ‘disappointing’ – Nelson Mail 26 March

‘Tale of welfare woe opens floodgates’ – Nelson Mail 25 March

‘Sick writer’s beneficiary fight‘ – Nelson Mail 24 March.

‘WINZter of Discontent’ – an episode of The Egonomist in which they discuss my story and the politics of WINZ.

Here’s my interview with The Wire on 95bFM, about the need for welfare change.

An article at The Standard including some of my story – No excuse for WINZ mistreatment

Here’s my interview for The Wireless about being ill and living on a benefit.

A story about me and my writing in The Nelson Mail.

Adam Roberts’ article in the Mail about the power of Twitter.

‘Calling all old, rich white men – rein in your peers!’ – an article by Marama Davidson for The Daily Blog, with a nod to my response to yet another outrageous NZ Herald column.

‘Abort, retry, linkspam’ – a post on which includes my How Not To Be Creepy on Twitter guide. The Guide was also published by Interrupt Mag, with some fantastic illustrations.

Down Under Feminists’ Carnival – a roundup of feminist work, including mine, on Ideologically Impure.