Rebel Girl Reads Update #2: Let’s go!

It’s almost January (how??), which means the Rebel Girl Reads challenge I’m co-running is here. I’m super excited to do this and I hope some of you are keen too!

If you weren’t already aware (which you probably are because I’m being a massive nerd about this), my flatmate and I are running a reading challenge this year. The aim is to read books by and about women. I’ve already started! (again, nerd, yes).


  • The reading list is a little be prescriptive and a little bit interpretive. There is one ‘required’ book per month – that will be decided by the Reading List, which is an open Google Doc where anyone can add their ideas, faves, dearly-desire-to-reads. Please add to the list! We want to be as collaborative as possible.
  • We’ll announce the book to be read that month, in the month previous. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai is the January read.
  • There’s also five ‘minichallenges.’ (more about this below) You don’t have to do these – they’re extra fun for anyone who’s keen.
  • You can follow the Instagram and the Tumblr for updates, discussions and news. We’re getting a little community going now!
  • We are planning a meetup in Nelson at Volume Bookstore at the start of February, for anyone who is local and keen. Thanks to Volume for being keen supporters of this whole thing! (Most of the books we read will be available at Volume and you can order from them online, if showing some love for a local business floats your boat!)


There are five minichallenges, which you can do in addition to the set book each month. There’s no hard-and-fast deadlines on these and they’re super open to interpretation. It’s just another way to read more books by great ladies if you want to!

  • There are five minichallenges, each calling for you to read five books
  • You can choose to read the set book PLUS five books for each challenge. That would mean 12 + 25 = 37 books overall, throughout the whole year.
  • BUT there will be a lot of crossover opportunities. For example, the January set book, I am Malala, is also nonfiction, and also a “ladies of today,” AND also by a woman in marginalised groups. So it can count towards one of these challenges – you choose which.

Hopefully this makes sense! Please feel free to ask me questions if not.

Here we go:

Looking forward to a year of reading with you all!