Who’s talking? Media roundup

There’s been quite a bit of interesting discussion about WINZ and beneficiary culture in the media since that post I wrote five weeks ago, so I thought I’d put together a few links for good things you might have missed.


The list doesn’t include all of my posts, because pretty much the last few weeks are all on this topic so you can scroll back through if you like.

But here, again, is “that” post – “Terror and Humiliation – just another day with WINZ.”


Here’s some stuff that’s specifically about me and my story. (in reverse date order)

‘Activist target of dole jetsetters data’ – Nelson Mail 11 April

Editorial – Right call to expose Work and Income – Nelson Mail editorial 26 March

‘Bennett’s reaction is ‘disappointing’ – Nelson Mail 26 March

‘Tale of welfare woe opens floodgates’ – Nelson Mail 25 March

‘Sick writer’s beneficiary fight‘ – Nelson Mail 24 March.

‘WINZter of Discontent’ – an episode of The Egonomist in which they discuss my story and the politics of WINZ.

Here’s my interview with The Wire on 95bFM, about the need for welfare change.

An article at The Standard including some of my story – No excuse for WINZ mistreatment

Here’s some great articles about the culture around beneficiaries in New Zealand.

Beneficiary bashing just too easy – Colin Espiner in the Sunday Star Times

Bennett not telling the full story – Editorial in the TDN

When keeping warm means less food – Michele A’Court in the Press

If there are others I have missed or you’d like to see included, please let me know. I also know of a few more in the works, and I’ll add these as they happen.