Eated teh cookies

As much as I abhor the quiz-fest that Facebook is becoming (I mean, honestly- What potato am I? a) I don’t care, and b) There’s more than one type of potato?) sometimes they are scarily accurate.

I did what lol-cat are you (Thanks Lis, AKA videogamecat). I am cookie eater cat.


It said: “You liek teh humanz, but sometimes you like the foods more.” Sometimes, it’s true. Sometimes it’s easier to sit in bed and eat ice cream than talk to people! (Cookies and cream, of course).

In other news, I’ve done an under-desk shoe audit at work. It’s not looking good. I am going to have to leave some behind. And Annabell just gave me awesome Vans with penguins on them. You’re not helping! How on earth will I decide? I think I just need to remind myself there’s a Christian Laboutin store at the other end.

I’m half way through The Mozart Consipracy, which is actually proving better than the Dan Brownish title suggests. It’s more historic + politics + running all over Europe than historic + church + running all over Europe, which has now been done to death. More when I finish.

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