Hallo Rainy Friday

When will I learn that wine on a school night is not a good idea?


But it was worth it – @percent20’s birthday at Hawthorne. It seems very unfair he bought all the wine! Lovely to catch up with everyone (and I was high because I (gasp) went shopping beforehand. Uh oh).

I stupidly decided to write my autobiography peice for Life Writing around cats (I know, you thought I couldn’t get any more CCL didn’t you? Well, it’s happened).

As if it isn’t difficult enough writing about your own life, now I have to write about Cleo and every time I sit down to do it I feel too sad. Sighs. I can has hug?

In good news, I’m the editor of our staff newsletter which goes to 380 people – and I hijacked it with Loris pictures today. Ahahahaha, evil laughter.(Thanks again to MCH – I attributed it to you guys, which makes it work related!)

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