Sarah’s morning

7.30. Wake up. Shrieking alarm. Attempt to get dressed. Note I have no clothes due to weeks of rain. Rediscovery of new wool jacket bought on Saturday. Excitement. Put jacket on. Jacket rips. Anger at inanimate object ensues. Search for receipt futile. Sadness.

Finally get dressed. Put on shoes. Note run in hose. Take off shoes. Change tights. Put shoes back on. Open door. Rain. Surprise surprise.

Open umbrella. Umbrella inside out and broken. Walk to work with wind in hair, hair in face, struggling with broken umbrella with metal bits falling off.

Get coffee. Hurrah!

Spill coffee all over self.

Get to desk. Clean self up. Brush hair. Spill water bottle all over keyboard.

Look at epic to do list. Sigh.

Is it Friday yet?


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