She does not go at all

In the last post I said that Cleo does not go quietly. On reflection, I think she will not go at all. I am lucky because her memory will always be with me.

I am also incredibly lucky in the friends I have, the people that are part of my life. Never have I experienced such warmth, love, and understanding. I didn’t expect it at all. I confess, I thought most everyone would be of the “it’s just the pet” religion. But they’re not at all. I have recieved such kindness.

Including a card which says “We love our pets because they are somehow like ourselves, only with more innocence and trust.” Which is so true. Cleo was just like me, how could she not be when we spent so much time together. But she was also extraordinarily innocent and trusting. And that’s what I find so difficult about her death. She trusted me to protect her. And in the end, I couldn’t.

My friend Serene sent me an orchid today. There was a card, “In memory of Cleo.” We are so blessed. I only hope I can keep it alive, orchids are notoriously difficult! Serene is one of the kindest, gentlest, most generous people I know. I was lucky enough to have her there when I found Cleo, and she guided me. She has six cats, so she has a depth of understanding unsurpassed!

I may be missing Cleo, but I have some wonderful people in my life, and for that I count myself blessed.

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