Rebel Girl Reads 2018

I’m running a reading challenge with my flatmate next year. We’re reading books by and about badass babes. You can join! 

~ A woman’s place is in the Revolution ~

The 2018 Reading List

This was all Michelle’s idea – she’s a much more committed reader than I am, and she’s been doing a challenge for this year, so she decided she wanted to run one in 2018. So I jumped on the bandwagon because I don’t read enough books that I would consider “of literary merit” (see: I read trash), and I need a little bit of gentle encouragement. Get an education, woman! 

So, for all of the coming year we’ll be reading books for, by, and about badass women, and we’d love people to participate. There’s pretty much no rules or requirements, other than joining in.

The list of books is being debated at the moment (mostly by Michelle and I in the living room, it’s very heated I assure you) (it’s not) and suggestions for titles and themes are welcome.

There will probably be a minimum of two books listed for any one month. Don’t worry if that sounds like too many or you can’t commit to finishing them. The point is to try, and to have fun!

Months may have different themes or challenges associated with them, and we’ll be encouraging people to share thoughts, feelings, photos and other responses here. We might set a questions for those that want to answer.

Two months til kick off! As we said, suggestions for books to be considered are welcome (in fact please make some suggestions otherwise I just feel like it’s us telling people what to read and that’s too much responsibility).

All the books will be available at Volume in Nelson, or online.

Here’s the link to the Book Suggestions google doc.

There’s two tabs – book suggestions, and month/theme suggestions. We’re really keen to get a good idea of what people might be keen to read, so feel free to put in any thoughts.

Hopefully some of you want to be part of this!

There’s an Instagram and a Tumblr too.