I made a thing

Introducing Skeletal Mosaic – A poetry zine by me. Beautiful cover and design by the ever-talented Jem Yoshioka. I am very proud of this little thing, which took several months to create. You can buy one, if you like. 

Skeletal Mosaic was mostly written during my time in Wellington last year. It is a collection of poems about all the topics you usually get from me – illness, identity, politics.


Title poem: Mosaic


“Chronic pain occurs when the nerve has learned

the wrong signal. It remains long after

the wound has healed.”


ankylosing – abnormal immobility of joints caused by fusion

spondylitis – inflammation of the backbone



iliac crests

my ribs, my chest



clavicle, my cranium

my mandible, my capitulum



scapula, my sacrum

my ischium, my sternum



infraorbital foramen

my intercondylar eminence



inexorable pattern

of joining, of joints



I invite you

come sit in my bones.


You can order a copy from here


3 Replies to “I made a thing”

  1. andinstone

    Goodness, S Timmons.
    See me go purchase another copy. Not to spite you, for such hate is not worth attention -even a comment like this- but instead for a friend, because it is a worthy gift and will be appreciated.


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