Chronic illness in cat gifs

It can be really hard to understand what chronic illness is like. While everyone has a different experience, there’s enough similarities for me to paint a picture… in cat gifs. My preferred method of communication. 

Note: Spoons is a reference to Spoon Theory, which was created by lupus sufferer Christine Miserando to explain what it feels like to have a chronic illness. Spoons are units of energy. Many people with chronic illnesses suffer from a lack of spoons.

What it feels like when you really need to achieve something but you don’t have enough spoons to get there:



When your brain is super foggy and you’re holding your meds but you can’t remember which ones you’ve taken:



Adult responsibilities are hanging over you but everything hurts and you really don’t want to get up:



What you feel like doing when the hundredth person says you to “Oh, you don’t look sick!”



When you finally get some good blood results from the rheumatologist:



When you accidentally google the possible side effects of your newest drug:

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When you’ve been in bed all day and you hear your flatmates ordering pizza:



Injection day:



When people hear that you’re ill and ask “Have you tried xxxx because my cousin’s sister-”



Waking up and every bone in your body hurts and you wonder if you slept at all:



To be continued…