Be my guest

One of my main aims in developing a public profile and platform has always been to use these to help others who may not have a voice. With that in mind, I am opening up Writehanded for guest posts.

I currently post about once a week, dependent on my health. My plan is to publish a guest post every other week.

I would like this to be a space for personal stories and experiences that may have significance for others. The blog is of course inherently political but we already have plenty of spaces for political discussion. This is about giving room to people and experiences who otherwise may not be heard.

I already have the first four lined up, but if you’d like to be considered, you can email me. Just give me a few lines on what you’d like to write about and we can have a chat.

Here’s some rules/tips/guidelines:

– I retain the right to edit. I won’t do so without discussing with you first.

– At the moment I have comments switched off and I think it should stay that way. You can discuss it with me if you’d like them turned on for your post.

– As I said, this isn’t for straight political opinion, though I understand many stories will have political angles/impact.

– Word limit is 1000, though if it needs to be longer it can be.

– It is up you if you’d like to be anonymous or not. I will do everything I can to protect you and your identity.

– This is a trial and I will probably run it for a couple of months and then assess how it’s going, so spaces are limited.

– I’m afraid I can’t pay for content at this point. These posts will not go through the Patreon system and I will not be claiming anything for them.


I’m really looking forward to doing this. I know many of you have stories that deserve to be heard. I’m aiming to post the first one at the start of February.

Thank you!