Great ladies doin great things

I have a whole bunch of crazy talented friends. Let’s show you what they can do.

Illustrating, and cartooning, are skills I’m utterly blown away by. I can’t draw for shit – let alone create something hilarious or political or heartwrenching or all three.

But I’m lucky enough to have friends who can, and there’s a lot of great work out there. So here’s a few of my picks.

Jem Yoshioka –

She’s the creator of Pineapple Cat, my banner and Nope gif, the comic Sunshine, and many other amazing things.



Hayley Heartbreak –

Recently gaining international acclaim for her portrait for the royals during their tour of NZ, Hayley claims her place in my heart for these two jewels.

Me confronting “Paula Bentoinette”


And an illustration for my upcoming #bearparty.



PinkyFang –

I am the proud owner of three Pinky prints, including Cat Ladies.




Hyperbole and a Half –

If you don’t know why I love this, you probably should by now. Here’s a blog about it.



Hark, a Vagrant! –

I’m a new convert to Kate Beaton, but she is real great.



Olivia When –

This is Oliva’s ‘A solid way to accept feelings’.



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