Better than me

Everybody wants to be
a better version of you and me
I just bleed

tears in my eyes/ scars on my thighs
I apologise, did I think I was right? Maybe this time
It’s just me in disguise/ hiding lies/turning up dry
I don’t know why/ I tried to reply
The words don’t come out right
the breath is stuck/ in my throat/ and now I choke/ I’m out of rope

the whole moon loves me but the stars gonna hate
it’s a sad kind of fate when you see that gate / and all you really wanted was to meet halfway
Flood lights ringing hearts still sinking/ they’re all watching/ I know what they’re thinking
I got naked, it was my choice/ I stood up and I raised my voice /

But skinny slim beautiful thin
spoken knives cut translucent skin
One day I’ll be better and these words won’t seem /
like they need to be written in a blood red dream/
Feel that heat now/ it’s so fleeting
so do it quick now/ stand up breathing

now speak.


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