Getting a feminist education

I said I’d do a follow-up to the post about romance novels and feminist porn, so here it is.

Thank you to everyone who took a turn at educating me on this subject! I was delighted to find that, not only does feminist porn exist (of course it does – there’s even Feminist Porn Awards), but there’s a whole lot of articles about it that are written far more eloquently than mine.

Many of you sent me links and recommendations,and I did more of my own research, so here’s a few of the standouts.

First, check this out. (Click for bigger image)

periodictableoffeministporn_thumb (1)How brill is that?!

The website that image comes from, The Feminist Porn Guide, also has a great explanation of what feminist porn is.

Feminist porn is, of course,¬†feminist. While the definition of feminism may vary and mean different things to different people, it’s fair to say that feminist porn seeks to promote equality in the depiction of sex. That equality doesn’t just extend to heterosexual, cisgender women but to all sexualities, genders, classes and races. The feminist philosophy behind it is one that rejects rigid definitions of sexuality and sex roles.

Feminist porn is also part of the wider sex positive movement. Being sex positive is about accepting all aspects of human sexuality with an open and positive mind, embracing sex as a healthy activity and promoting sex education and safe sex.

Some other articles exploring feminism and porn

Feminist porn: sex, consent, and getting off (Feministe)
What makes feminist porn feminist? (Feministing)
First, come to your conclusion (Public Address – Up Front, Emma Hart)
Newsflash – women have eyes (Public Address – Up Front, Emma Hart)

To be honest, in my trawling of the internet, I still didn’t find quite what I, personally, was looking for. I got educated, which is great. But I’m not really a visual person, and actually, I think what I’m really after is books that are plot heavy but also relationship heavy, if you know what I mean. A couple of you recommended authors – Jacquline Carey and¬†Susannah Breslin were two, and the the periodic table includes erotic fiction, so perhaps I need to do some more research…