A post! And a new blog

Instead of reading, lately, I’ve been writing. Not here, obviously, unfortunately, disappointingly. But here, and on Tumblr, and on paper, and at work, and when I am meant to be doing other much more important things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing a little reading. Mostly it’s research-related. At the moment I’m working my way through several New Zealand short story anthologies, trying to get into the right headspace to write my own. I have to produce a 3000-6000 word masterpiece for school. So far I have 1900 words. It’s not going so well.

The poetry is, however. I’ve always found it much easier than prose, not least because of the brevity of form. I like brevity. I like saying the best thing you can possibly say with as few words as possible.  I dislike lengthy prose that has length for length’s sake. When I’m editing, both for myself and others, I’m a sadist with a red pen. I cross out words, slash out sentences, reject whole paragraphs. “I get what you’re saying,” I say – “But couldn’t you just say it a little less?”

Anyways, poetry and me, we’re getting along ok right now. Which is why I’ve started www.sundayscars.wordpress.com. Comments and criticisms welcome.


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