Once upon a time
When we were kids
And we felt like kids
And we thought like kids
And we could watch a puppet show on a sunny Saturday afternoon and not understand the undertone of death and what that meant because
That was so far away, and
Something for someone else to worry about
Once upon that time
When we were simple
And we felt simple
And we thought simple
And we enjoyed the small things like sitting in the sun on Saturday afternoon and watching a puppet show and not understanding the allegory of death, not even looking for it just
Watching the people be pulled back and forth and
Laughing with rings of fading daisies in our hair
Back upon this time
When time was endless
And time was simple
And we were kids
Who didn’t realise and didn’t see that the allegory was about us and that soon enough we would be the puppets
pulled on strings
On sunny Saturday

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