Project 750

I havn’t been blogging much lately beyond the random pics and quotes. One of the reasons is insane business in general, what with yoga, CPL, and work. But the other is I’ve joined the 750 Words project. It’s a web-based writing initiative born of the idea that three pages – or 750 words – of free writing every morning will release ideas and help you reach new emotional conclusions.

It’s definitely proving beneficial, not so much the ideas aspect, but more being able to talk myself through to a conclusion about why I’m feeling certain things. It’s helping me to reach a better understanding of why I react the way I do, rather than just reacting. It’s also really cathartic just to write.

The cool thing about signing up to a website to do this, rather than just flipping open a notebook every morning, is there’s an impetus to continue. The website nudges you to complete your words every day and rewards you when you do. Plus it “reads” your entries and provides you with an analysis of your current feelings and focus. Pretty interesting stuff.

Me today:

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