Crazy Cat Lady… League?

So I’ve been wrong about one thing. I’m not going to be a crazy cat lady, all alone.

I’m going to be a crazy cat lady in cahoots with the many others that already live in Wellington.

This past weekend I finally visited the Cats Protection League. They’re a volunteer charity devoted solely to the welfare and happiness of cats. Needless to say, right up my alley.

When I discovered they run a sponsorship program for cats that live at the shelter, I was hooked. I may not be able to own a cat right now, but there’s nothing saying I can’t sponsor one! For a minimal fee, I get a certificate and monthly updates “from” the kitteh – and I can go to the shelter and visit whenever I like.

The more I thought about this, the more I realised what a brilliant scheme it is. You get to help cats in need, and you get all the benefits of quality kitteh time while circumnavigating the hurdles of actually owning one.

So in addition to sponsoring a kitteh, I’m going to do some comms and marketing volunteering, which’ll involve writing and cats. What more could I want?

They already have a facebook page:

plus the website, and a Trademe account to advertise cats up for adoption. But there’s aLOT more to be done. They need to raise their profile as a place to adopt, and get many more sponsors for cats that can’t be rehomed. They have at least 20 cats onsite, all with sad stories, and more on the waiting list. Snowwhite is deaf, Leo’s previous owner has cancer, and Godfrey’s been at the shelter for four years 🙁 I must resist taking them all home.

Anyone out there who for any reason can’t have a cat but wants to help out? Check out the kittehs up for sponsorship.

More updates to come…

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