Can I have directions to my cat, please

Today I allowed myself a wee small moment of pride and feeling loved, as my name was mentioned mention on one of my favourite blogs by fellow booklover and CCL, Bookiemonster. Bookie’s made a great list of kiwi word-related peeps, of which I am one! Yay!

Then I was abruptly brought down to my earth by my colleague sniggering in the corner, picturing me taking my binder into meetings with the Strategic Leadership Group covered in cat stickers. Not sure how we got onto the topic of cat stickers, but I think they are a great idea, and he doesn’t. Cats lend credibility to everything. This lead me to do a sneaky google on cat stickers, and I found these:

Wall stickers! Want. May have to Have.

As I’ve said before. I am going to die alone.

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