Long live the Lolcat

How many people out there are after my own heart! It still amuses me that the top searches on my blog are “funny cats” and “crazy cat lady.” I am so honoured I fit into this catergory, I might just have to go and volunteer at the SPCA. What’s that? Oh yeah, I’m already doing it? Ok, so I’ll maybe I’ll buy clothes with cats on them… no, wait, I already have a dress and three pairs of socks. Maybe I’ll get a painting… oh man. I really am doomed aren’t I?

I wonder when it was in history that people suddenly decided cats were the epitome of hilarity. Perhaps it’s always been that way. Perhaps the Egyptians didn’t worship kittehs because they were closer to God, perhaps it was simply because they made everyone laugh, and laughter is so precious.

Maybe it started with this:

They are clearly crying tears of laughter at Kitteh on the Pedestal there.

Or maybe something more like this:

Or maybe we’ve got the “worship” idea all wrong, and it was really just this:

And when did the competition for Craziest Cat Lady begin? I’m sure there’s been Crazy Cat Ladies around forever, and our breed has certainly shot up in number since the conception of Cute With Chris, but now it’s just getting out of hand:

In any case, we’re now getting to the point where this is normal:

Any everyone I know wants one of these:

My post about kittehs addicted to catnip is the most popular I have ever written.

I guess I don’t have to wonder too many when it all started. As long as Icanhascheezburger exists, my life is just that little more complete. Long live the Lolcat!

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