The List

BC. Before Canada. Life used to be simple.

I refer primarily to My Favourite Animal List. For 21 solid years, it consisted of a single syllable.  C-A-T. Easy. Then, last year, much to my horror and delight, I discovered Sonya the Slow Loris, and thus, the List increased 100%. Still, lorises were to be admired from afar, since there aren’t any in New Zealand and I couldn’t find any Russians to smuggle me in one for 5 bucks.

THEN, I had to go and come here. And now I’m thinking I may as well rename My Favourite Animal List, Awesome Canadian Animal List, because they’re pretty much the same thing.

It goes like this:

Cats (excluding Lucky who has fleas and bites me)

Lorises (Sonya)

Squirrels (espesh Bobby and My Grigger and Bumpy McKenzie, although he hasn’t been to visit lately)

Racoons (they look embarassed all the time and walk all hunched up, it’s hilarious)


Ground hogs

Canadian geese

Canadians… haha

The only Canadian animal I have met so far I didn’t like was this freaking weird centipede thing crawling on my hallway wall, and that doesn’t really count because it’s a disgusting insect not an animal.

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