The ones we think we know

Your girlfriend’s an atheist but she still believes in me

Your cousin’s episcopalian he’s got a draw full of weed

even the ones we think we know are not what they seem

move carefully, we’re figments in someone else’s dream


Your uncle’s a teacher he wears women’s clothes

I’m talking to your mother with a nose full of blow

even the ones we think we know are not what they seem

be careful not to look to close, you’ll wake up from the dream


My boss in middle management puts vodka in her tea

She says she’s recovering but you could have fooled me

The bottle of red I drank last night now seems pretty tame

even if by the end of it I didn’t remember your name


They told me when I left I was going to live the dream

But now I start to wonder if the words are what they seem

And if the people speaking them really meant what they mean

I think that the dream they see is not what it seems


I think that the dream they see has nothing to do with me


I think that the ones I know should know I’m not what I seem

One Reply to “The ones we think we know”

  1. staplegun

    dude, hope this isn’t autobiographical 🙁 if it is, we did mean it, it’s just you don’t usually get to fully appreciate the dream while living inside it, it’s only later when you wake up that you get to really savour it (in retrospect)!


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