You can’t get away that easy, Loris

More SONYA, the Tickle Loving Loris.

Due to the huge amount of interest from you all in Sonya, the adorable Russian Slow Loris, I thought it deeply imperative to give you more. (Truthfully, I just couldn’t help myself. She is irresistible).


Dmitry Sergeyev, Sonya’s Daddy:

We are located in St.Petersburg, Russia. It is not illegal in Russia to own these animals. Our Sonya was born in a loris nursery and we have legally bought her in a local pet-shop. That’s why she is so tame and friendly!

Slow Lorises are endangered 🙁 It’s illegal to own them in most places. But apparently not Russia. (Sarah reassesses Canada plans).

In other news, THIS is what I’m reading for book club this month. See what happens when I don’t go to the meeting?! Totally looking forward to the next one majorly. In the mean time I’ll have to look for intellectual challenges and satisfaction elsewhere. (You’d think my university paper would provide. But no. #brainblank and #creativefrustration galore).

I leave you with this:

(64 days!)


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