Cat flair (is this what my dress is?)

I find it utterly fascinating what search terms people use that land them on my site. For example, the words “Fuck you armadillo” come up far more than is rational. How many people out there have an issue with armadilloes?

“I love reading” also comes up with strange frequency. I mean, yeah, I blog it, but who types that into Google? What result do they expect to get?

I also get: “Hermaphroditic” “Welcome to my world” “Cat flair” “Canadian Goose” “Cat goose” and “funny cat pictures.” (Although the last one makes sense. But what the heck is cat flair?!)

In other news, the day of doom has been designated. My mother has sent me a date of arrival. There’s no avoiding it now. I will slowly begin building my wall of despair.

Alllmost finished The Book Thief, just a few gorgeous pages to go. Then I’ll be able to share that epic journey.

Having High Tea at the James Cook with the Book Club girls this weekend. Ooh la la, how classy!

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