Successes 4 Sarah

What is it that makes Friday afternoons so seemingly endless? I guess the sweeter the treat, in this case the weekend, the more you long for it, and the further away it gets. It’s like looking down the wrong end of the binoculars. There’s my glass of wine, tiny and off in the distance. I suppose if I could stop watching the clock, it would actually have a chance to click over. Stupid clock.

Successes for Sarah yesterday! A  fruitful library visit (Kathy Reichs, Lee Child, and Markus Zusak). And then on to the Kathmandu sale, where I stood for almost thirty minutes gazing at travel bags with a glazed eye before a salesperson deemed to come and talk to me. I’ve never bought luggage before, I’ve never been to Canada before. How the hell am I supposed to know what I need?

I took a stab in the dark, and walked home triumphantly with two bags ($230 down to $100. I LOVE sales), plus my books and my handbag and talking to Dad on my cell. Multitasking, shopping, and talking. Happy days!

And another step towards Canada… now I just have to fit my life into these bags.

bag bag-2 (I got this one in pink!!!)

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