GiggleTV update

I’ve had a response from the Ministry of Health, and I actually got up the courage to talk directly to the business owner of the restaurant I was in when I saw the offensive joke that kicked off my first post.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things that upsets me most about GiggleTV is its placement in health outlets, including the after hours emergency clinic here in Nelson.

So I sent a letter to the Ministry of Health about it. Their reply was pretty expected, but not that helpful.


From what I can tell from the ASA website, GiggleTV is not eligible in their complaints criteria. I had already researched that option.

I’ve also sent a letter to the Nelson Marlborough DHB, who are jointly responsible for the Nelson after hours doctors. If they are not helpful I will, as MOH have suggested, contact the facility directly.

Meanwhile, I went back to the cafe where I saw the joke that featured in The Herald’s Sideswipe column.

I asked the woman who served me if she was the manager. She said that yes, she was, and in fact, she was the owner. So I asked if she was open to some feedback.

I explained why GiggleTV is offensive to me and that I found it upsetting it was in her cafe. I said that I sat facing the other way to eat because I couldn’t stand to watch it.

And she was really good about it. I gave her the card for the blog and she said she’d look into it.

I thanked her, and she said “Why wouldn’t I listen to you? You’re my customer.”

I hope the other places I approach, as and when I am there and I get the courage up, will have the same attitude.


4 Replies to “GiggleTV update”

    1. writehandedgirl Post author

      I think because it’s not the advertising itself that’s the problem – the ads are fine – it’s the “jokes” that are run between the ads. I mean, I could always try I suppose, it wouldn’t hurt. Or someone else could, so I can save myself some spoons.

    1. writehandedgirl Post author

      Yes, but you’re missing the point. If no one calls this stuff out, it just goes on. I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’m just the only one who’s decided to give energy and a public voice to it.


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