A note on politics

My latest column for the Nelson Mail was about women in politics, and  the lack of interest in Nelson as a political region.

I find it super disappointing that we’re less than three months out from the election, and Nelson only has three named local candidates. As I say in this column, we’ve had Nick Smith in the seat here since 1996 (!!). It’s like people have just given up. Obviously not Maryan Street, who shows her commitment to our town consistently and not just in election year, but she’s up against… well, what is it Nick has? Why can’t we get him out?

Maybe if we had a strong Greens candidate they might have a chance, but I couldn’t even get the Greens to respond to me about their plan for Nelson.(They did eventually, but after deadline so I couldn’t include their comment – which was that they haven’t chosen anyone. It didn’t sound like they were committed to doing so, either).

Anyway, here’s the column.


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