Welcome to the Feminist Treehouse

I get some pretty hilarious (awful) comments on my columns and most of the time I don’t engage. I also don’t usually make a point of singling someone out, but this was too good…

My most recent column was an introduction to some of my thoughts about being a feminist. I knew I’d get the usual responses to that, but one in particular took the cake. Treehutcomment Haha. Seriously, dude? I don’t want in your treehouse. You can have it all to yourself. You enjoy it in there. In response, my friend Jem Yoshioka created this amazing thing: FeministTreehouse   I really, really appreciate other people using their time and creative energy and spoons to respond to things like this. I don’t have what it takes at the moment. The best I can do is start a conversation. And you can bet I will continue to do that. Welcome to the Treehouse. Not all men allowed.

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