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I have a lot of questions. I have a lot of self-doubt. I have a lot of ideas and nowhere to really go with them. So, you know – I’m a woman writer in my 20s.

I’ve been thinking for a while – yearning, actually – about a writers’ group. Most people I know are already in one. There’s some problems with that, though, for me. The main one is energy. I don’t have what’s required to be a good member of a group right now.

So someone suggested to me I try and find a mentor. So far I’ve been really lucky to have more experienced writerly friends who answer my questions and calm my angst and commiserate with my anger. But I don’t want to keep calling on them. It’s not fair to them, and it’s not consistent for me.

If I was organised enough or a good enough writer I could apply for a mentor through the NZSA. I don’t have either of those qualities. There’s not many other formal options, unless I do a Masters or a PhD, which is also out of my reach right now.

So I just thought I’d ask. If anyone has the resource and experience to answer questions, give feedback and guidance, provide encouragement and the occasional backboard…

Maybe talk to me?


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