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If you’re not reading Ideologically Impure, you should be. Written by the self-proclaimed ‘Lefty, feminist, Wellingtonian, philologist, geek, willing tequila-drinker, and rejecter of labels,’ our own Queen of Thorns, it’s the righteous rage blog you need in your life. (If you don’t already get enough of that from me).

This month, QoT is hosting the Down Under Feminist’ Carnival, a roundup of worthy writing on feminist issues by Australasian writers, presented by a new blogger each edition.

dufclogoI’m not going to be humble about the fact I’m included, because a) I’m super stoked and honoured, and b) I kind of nominated myself, so it’d be a bit disingenuous.

So if you’re on the hunt for new, good writing discussing important stuff in meaningful ways, have a squiz.

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