Being @PeopleOfNZ

This week, I’m behind the wheel at @PeopleOfNZ, a rotation curation Twitter project.

@PeopleOfNZ is a “rotation curation” Twitter account, which means a new person takes over each week. The idea is to give people an insight into life in New Zealand, and other people’s lives in general.

Here’s a list of all the current known #RoCur accounts – 77 at last count! –

It’s clearly a popular thing to do, as I signed up about three or four months ago, and my name just came up now. The @PeopleOfNZ account has over 2,000 followers – so I was really nervous about doing it.

I guess I was nervous for all the same reasons I was nervous about starting this blog. I worry about being vulnerable. I worry about opening myself up to criticism. I worry that I will offend someone.

These are valid concerns, but I didn’t want to let then deprive me of the opportunity. I agreed to do it, again, for the same reasons I started my blog. Because I feel like I have something important to share. Many people have told me how valuable it is that, through my writing, they can get an insight into what it’s like living with chronic illness, and being on welfare in New Zealand. I want to get as much learning out of being ill as possible. And I think part of that happens through sharing the experience.

So, if you’re not already following @PeopleOfNZ, I hope you will. Not just for my week, but beyond, because it’s a fantastic way to see how other people live. I think we could all learn something.

NB: I also really enjoy @WeAreAustralia (sorry haha!).