Hi, Wellington friends

As you may know, I’ll be visiting Wellington from the 4th til the 11th of October. I really, really want to meet as many of you as I can!

I’m going to be staying with friends in Lower Hutt from the 4th til the 8th – so if you’re out that way and want to visit, let me know.

I’m planning to come into the city late Tues, so I’ll be around on Weds 9th, and Thurs 10th and a little bit of Friday morning – I fly out midday Friday.

My illness being as restrictive as it is, I’ve been thinking of ways to be able to see everyone and not make myself worse.

Thursday has already gotten pretty full – I’m meeting Twitter people for lunch and dinner! Yay! (I’m very nervous and hoping my health will play ball).

So WEDNESDAY – I’m going to spend the day at/around Ti Kouka cafe on Willis. This seems to be central for most people. Please come and visit me there! I would really love to see you! (In others words, please don’t leave me sitting there all day by myself, insisting sadly to people at other tables that I *do* have friends and I’m sure they’re coming soon…)

If you want to come then, or try to fit something in otherwise, Tweet /FB or email me [email protected].


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  1. Barns

    I reckon the cafe thing would work pretty well, although most might be turning up around the same times (e.g. after work). In any case I’m keen for a yarn.


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