Who’s the boss?


once sat in your lap

dragged my fingers across your face

hooked a thumb on your lip

then left


alone in the dark




that you don’t drink in the morning

or go out at night



demand that

your bow your body to mine, yet


a pillar I can lean against


There’s a question about


and duplicity

and our pieces that fit or fall apart


“The one who cares the least in a relationship has all the power.”


From the outside that looks like you

and I’m the one standing

with a hole in my chest


But you forbade me to play games with anyone else

I felt guilty, and pleased

“There’s more ways to kill a cat than choking him with cream”

(said Rudyard Kipling)



bend to the system

You’re a subjective anarchist

reflecting pluralities of meaning

offering alternative options


I bow to the Prime Minister

even though I don’t like him



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