Thursday thoughts

As my friend Greta would say; when in doubt, alliterate! Sunday stuff becomes Thursday, since I’ve been sunning myself in Nelson and not blogging, not interneting at all in fact. I even neglected #750 words, which means I lost my flamingo and I’m back to nothing. Bad girl. Time at home was pretty epic though. The best bit was lying in the sun at Cable Bay, surrounded by family, reading Anthropology of an American Girl. Will share when I’m finished, at the moment I’m keeping it to myself like a very beautiful little secret.

Also reading: The English Patient (yes, still, I have like two chapters to go), and Pride and Prejudice – I’ve never read the whole thing through, and I want to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so I thought I better start with the unadulterated version first.

This is my new screensaver at work:

See the best song in the world.(Cute, cuddly, and deranged – kind of like Carina).

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