A bird in the hand…

…is not worth more than lots and lots of birds in an awesome book called it’s not always black and white.

Today I’m sharing the love, humour, and perception of Australian author Kate Knapp. And no, she doesn’t draw cats (gasp).  It’s not always black and white features birds of all shapes and sizes, pondering the meaning of life. It’s subtitle is ‘A colourful take on life’s grey areas.’

I bought the book on a little jaunt through Thorndontown on Saturday. Emily and I often go to the Botanic Gardens for a coffee on weekend mornings, and are drawn into the Millwood Gallery on the way. Millwood is a delicious burrow filled with paintings, prints, books, and other artful delights, and is run by a wonderful man who always remembers my name and trys to sell me cat canvases.

It’s not always black and white is filled with humerous insights, many of which cannot be understood without the illustration – so you’ll have to go her website Twigseeds and buy it.

One of my favourites though, shows a bird chucking some things into a rubbish bin. Another bird asks him what he’s up to, and he replies “Just getting rid of some old ideas and beliefs that were taking up too much space.” He’s standing on the old ideas and beliefs, one of which is labelled “too short.”

I brought the book into work today, and one of my colleagues was so moved by it she popped out at lunchtime and grabbed a copy for herself.

It’s just a delightful little thing that appeals to the eye, the funny bone, and the heart.

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