Another List

Things I miss about New Zealand

1. No one mistakes me for an Australian

2. Marmite and vogels bread, and cookies and cream ice cream

3. Driving on the left hand side

4. People understand my vocabulary, so my every comment isn’t greeted by “eh?”

5. Warmth. I hate you all for it being Spring at home. The snow is imminent.

6. Free TV

7. Highmark soy sauce. You know how I love my soy sauce. If anyone wants to send me a care package…

8. My double bed. The single one broke under me today and I’m not even fat. Granted, my 6 foot 4 boyfriend was on it at the time..

9.  Quiet conservatism (only because I just worked Halloween and drunk Canadians are not Quiet or Conservative. They LOVE holidays here. Although, it was kinda like Wellington on Sevens weekend)

10. Native birds, specially Bobby the Tui from my backyard in Thorndon. Oh, Bobby, I miss your sweet song punctated by horrible gurgling wrenching sounds.

11.Shortland Street. Just kidding.

12. Mountains. Ottawa is FLAAAAAT.

I’m not going to include my family and friends in this because that’s a given. LOVE YOU GUYS.

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