The fowl truth

Considering the recent soaring notoriety of our feathered friends due to Pepino and Tricolore, I thought it was a good time to make a confession.

I love chickens.


There, I said it. I absolutely adore them. I love their fluffy bums and their crowing and their shiny feathers, and they are the epitome of hilarity when they run. They are a total delight. I have tried in vain to get my flatmates to adopt one. They are not keen. I don’t understand it.

We had an extremely miserly bantam called Miss Chook when I was growing up, who features frequently in my grandmother’s poems. Miss Chook loved lettuce, seeds, and pecking the cats’ tails, and hated humans. I carried her everywhere. She used to bounce on the trampoline with me. She had personality, that chook.

I bought my dad this book for Christmas last year. He is a fowl fancier too.


Mum used to have Gold and Silver Wayandottes. So cool!



I wonder if my new flatmates will let me have a chicken in Canada…

3 Replies to “The fowl truth”

  1. Cafe Chick

    Ohh, I love chickens, too. (Actually, I love all birds.) A friend has a phobia about chickens; you can probably imagine the amount of hassling she gets from us. 😉 Alas, I don’t have hens of my own but love the Happy Hens collection and adore the ceramic Pencilled Hamburg that sits above my fridge.

  2. dannevirkelibrarian

    We have seven running around our back yard… 2 Rhoade Island Red Hens, One Rhoade Island rooster, full size… Four Bantam hens two silky and I can’t rember what the other two are… 🙂

  3. Andrea

    I love chickens! All birds, really. In Zimbabwe we had seven chickens, four bantams, two guinea fowl, a peacock, twelve lovebirds, a cockatiel and an Africa Grey Parrot. 🙂 Can’t quite get that many here, but I would love to keep chickens again.


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