Kittehs for the win

Ok, normally I wouldn’t post something like this cos it’s a bit lame even for me, crazy cat lady extraordinaire. But how can I resist a charity run by a company called Lonely Miaow? I mean, Lonely freakn Miaow! It reminds me of Cleo when she thought that I’d gone out and she was all alone in the house and she’d get in the stairwell and howl to herself. Cats should never be lonely!

So anyway, we should all support New Zealand’s Next Top Cat Model.

Check out the gorgeous competitors on Facebook, and vote for your favourites. Proceeds go to SPCA and Lonely Miaow.

Some of the lovelies:



I vote for the chicken! Jks…

Rat Laser (I know. Who the heck calls their cat Rat Laser?)






Vote now – do it for Lonely Miaow!

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