At least it’s not heroin

Ok. This has gone too far. I am literally living on packet soup between pay checks, and then I go and do this:


I thought we had an understanding. I thought you all knew that I HAVE A PROBLEM and I need to be STOPPED. But no. There’s no support. I am a slave to my addiction. You know AA members get a gambling chip to carry around, to remind them of how well they’re doing? Well, I have nothing. And that’s how these things HAPPEN.

In other news, I had a great weekend with mummy. V. surprising. We shopped (obv.) She refused to have anything to do with me buying the shoes. She physically removed herself. I told her at least it’s not heroin.

We also went to Wellington Zoo, which was in equal parts fabulous and horrific.

Love the lemur, red pandas, kiwis, and cheetahs. Hate how they are cagedup and slightly insane.

Also hate how they do not have a loris. Although as katie pointed out, if they had had one, they wouldn’t have one now. It would be mysteriously gone, and I would be taking an extra package with airholes to Canada.

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