Author fail

Utter mortification. My first retraction.

Check out the comment on my last post…

My most sincere apologies to PJ Parrish, who was not in fact the murdering Scott Mariani of The Mozart Conspiracy.

Um, author fail. That’s what you get when you read too many books at once.

I have now finished Parrish’s A Thousand Bones. Talk about freaky. Some guy takes women and hangs them upside down in trees 30 feet above the ground on deer hoists to die. Ick. Awesome story though. My only complaint would be that our gorgeous young Detective Joe didn’t get together with the manly Investigator Rafsky. But then, he was married, so that would’ve been pretty risque. Plus, we know she ends up with Parrish’s hero Louis Kincaid.

Off to the Lib this avo for more!

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