Slow lorises don’t fool me

(A post inspired by Fuck You Penguin).

I know, I know, I go on about cats. I’ve even made a new friend just down the road, a butter ball tortoiseshell that comes running up to me in the mornings when I’m walking to work and drools on my shoes. And yes, I have a kitteh dress and earrings and necklaces and.. ok, I’ll stop.

I’ve also noticed that my blog gets an unusual number of hits from people searching for Canada Goose. Who are these people? And what is their bizarre obsession with fugitive foreign geese?

But despite these things, I have a new favourite animal. (It’s only temporary, mainly because I can’t see myself being able to buy a dress, socks, and/or earrings with one of these on).

Introducing… Sonya the SLOW LORIS!


Oh my GOD. This has to be the cutest thing I have EVER seen. Did you see it’s little face when they stop the tickling? It’s like what? Why would you stop? I am utterly, hopelessly devestated and alone. Please love me. We do, Loris, we do!

Loris facts:

  • Slow lorises sleep rolled up in a ball with their head between their legs.
  • Slow lorises often hang upside-down from branches by their feet so they can use both hands to eat.
  • The grasp of a slow loris is so strong that it can freeze in one position for hours as it stalks its prey.



Come here, Loris. You are so fricking cute I’m going to have to eat you.

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