Faith, pacts, and book store owners

I’ve been on a bit of a Jodi Picoult spree lately. After finishing Keeping Faith in less than 24 hours (which is me making a point about its addictiveness, not pointing out my speed reading. Which I am not actually proud of, it’s because I’m a goal orientated person who wants to reach the end and forgets to enjoy the journey), I started in on The Pact.

This time it took me about 3 days, but only because I had to put it down to go to work.

What makes her writing so addictive?! I guess it’s because she really does keep you guessing til the end, whereas so many books I find easy to predict. Her’s I just have to devour, my need is so great to find all revealed.

The Pact is the story of two kids who, born within six months of each other, grow up as next door neighbors and are extremely close friends. Much to the delight of their parents, they start dating as teenagers. Then the girl winds up dead and the boy is the only witness. Did he shoot her, or did she want to die, like he says? Why would she want to die, when she supposedly has everything going for her?

Intense, emotional, uncomfortable. I love it.

Now I’ve started the second Victor Legris mystery. I’ve read the first and third, which is always irritating, reading out of order. But I love Monsieur Legris, so I make an exception. They’re very light-hearted tales set in 19th century Paris. Victor is a bookstore owner cum detective. What a career.

Book Club meeting this week, so I’ll have some new material to sink my teeth into.

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