Things that make my heart fall

Getting a call from the vet to pick up Cleo’s ashes

Getting a letter from Studylink saying they won’t pay for my study

Putting out my hand at night and realising Cleo isn’t there

When I get an email about mailing lists

When my mother doesn’t call

When I look at my bank balances

When I believe in people and they don’t believe in me

When I try to write and I can’t

When I find out you aren’t the person I thought you were

Things that make my heart happy

When I try to write and I can

When I remember Cleo running ahead – she didn’t know where I was going, but she wanted to get there first

Friends coming home


When I get presents in the mail (thank you Kelly).


When Cleo had catnip

When my Dad calls

The future


When you redeem yourself (please can you).

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