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I’m Sarah.

I’m a writer, feminist, activist, and poet from Nelson, New Zealand.

Most of my professional work can be found at www.sarahlinwilson.org, and www.writehanded.org.

My poems have been self-published and have appeared in Sport magazine and on thespinoff.co.nz.

You can email me. Due to my health and the number of messages I receive, I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with emails so please be aware you may not get a reply.


About ‘Writehanded’

The Writehanded banner and visual identity was created by Jem Yoshioka.

Sarah has been using the pseudonym Writehandedgirl for some time. The two icons in the banner are a quill pen, for obvious reasons, and a spoon.

The spoon relates to chronic illness. Spoon Theory is a terminology and a concept used by people who are ill to explain and communicate that experience to others. Here’s some more things I wrote about it.


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